Oct. 29th, 2016

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I got home last nioght and went to bed a bit late. I took lu to counseling early in the morning, i had gotten right on the chores and was moving quickly thru the to-do's. Cherise had goen to spend the nite with her friend Victoria and at 4am had started throwingup. so, joy. i brought ehr home, and she ran a fever and slept all day.

It was yet another bright sunny warm day, mid to upper 70s, bright sunshine, totally too warm for samhain. i was in tank top all day.

i did chores around the house all morning, then went over to MIchael's to get gem-glue and E6000 and a couple other things for costuming.i ahve been feeling an itch to get creative, but it's so hard to bring the matreils, the space, and the time together. tonite, i cleared out the kids' breakfast nookl and brought supplies out and started bedazzling a pair of underpants (not so easy, as it turns out)

I went to burleque class in the aftrenoon--we are closing in on our recital date--and then i got soem food at Taco do mexico. back home, cherise was still asleep and looking miserable, she and hr dad were curled up toegther most fo the day.'

Halloween saturday is full of things to do, there wre several burlesque tonites all obrt town. The witches ball was tonite, and Dia de los Muertos over at the Pirate gallery. i wasa really looking forward to Dia de los, but in the end it felt better to stay home and tend to stuff. pulling out the art supplies, packig for tomorrow's rtual. SO i am disappointed about missing Dia AGAIN, but i think this was the best answer. and i get to go to bhed in a minute.

nice weekend so far. i cant get to everything, but i'm thinking the most important things happen, and i'm content.


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