Dec. 1st, 2015 07:22 pm
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altho the point of Rally is not massive productivity, lots of people report just that while there and soon after. It's the break from their routine, the support, the lack of distractions. even with the modifications i had to make to the plan (because i cannot allow Cherise's sovereignty to include going outside in 25 degrees in sandals, or coloring over my good tablecloth), my mini Rally was amazing, and i got a blog post published, i made some progress on the book i'm editing, and i made art. I journaled 10 pages or more, and reread some opld journals and found treasure in them. treasure all around.

part of Rally is the Shiva Nata, and i made Flailing part of our balanced breakfast every day. I went back to the video, and discovered chunks of first level stuff i had skipped over. I gained new insight into a sequence i thought i has down, all kinds of new stuff. when i Compassed in the morning, I did the basic 8 hand movements, one position for each point of the compass. I did them consecutively one day and did quarters/cross-quarters the following day, kept messing up (which is the point). then i would do a small portion of the video later, and of course shivasana every time. that was very good, still getting intel and processing this out.

i feel a much deeper calm and grounding, but i really was off my game and ungrounded today,a dn that was kinda sucky. the spoons run out so fast. while i am taking the space i need, there is no one keeping shit straight while i'm out. i really wanted to see A on saturday, but aaron with his flu, lu with her dad, cherise being bored, how could i leave? how could that not have been a disaster?

despite the fact that we are now in sagitarrius and feeling morre optimistic, and the joyful season of Advent is upon us, i like steering towards more-rest, less-doing for as logn as possible. at the same time, i have a bunch of porjects and work to do, just all of it at home. it feels pretty insistent that i just drop and descend. to that end i'm going to get a shower.
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