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wonderful things are happening:
-lots of goals and intentions i set this year, and for many years running, are FINALLY coming to fruition this year, and some of them are arriving in the last few months of 2016. i am really proud i managed to accomplish these things
-Operation Bianca Jaguar --well, looks like i will be finally performing burlesque, i have 2 hard target in two dates i have committed to performing: my queen class recital and DD Honeybee's Fresh Blood show. i am getting juiced in enough, i should be able to start apply for gigs and kittening SOON
-i have 3 poems in an anthology coming out from Neos ALexandria. getting my poetry published was something i thought might never happen again. i was a dedicated poet decades ago, and i was submitting to lots of lit magazines while working on 2 volumes of poetry. this makes me happy. two of the poems are from that time, revised a bit, and one is brand new
-because i am writing! yea!
-i finished the second mss i was editing for Immanion/megalithica. i had 2 books i was working on, and managed to send them both back to the authors to tidy up some things. I had promised to get these both to Taylor before mid nov, and i met my deadline with room to spare.
-which means i can return, with diligence, back to the Book. Since new moon and samhain are right on top of each other, it seems perfect timing
-also, we're heading into the Descent. the weathr is quite warm and nice, it doesnt feel very samhainish, but i sense that next week, the weather will change, daylight savings will start, which always disorients me. I can feel the darkness kind of waiting for me, and in the quiet stillness and repose of those first weeks of novemeber, i can get back on track and back in practice with the book.
-i am dismayed that i'm sitting so much in the evening, i have not rehearsed in so long, i feel so much resistance, and wow that is not the time for this.
-i have tomorrow off work and omg i am sooo happy about this. Cjherise is going to Adventures, so i will have many hours of (almost) solitude. of course i have a bunch of errands etc to, it is goignt o be a busy weekend, but everything tomorrow is fun and juicy, and i am really looking forward to the next few days.
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