Jan. 27th, 2016

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we'rer having a little warm snap, they say it'll hit 60 on Friday, which means right after that, we get plunged back into the deep freeze and have some frozen precip on the way. I'm no fan of the frozewn bag of suck that is winter once the holidays are over, but I do think having a real winter with actual cold weather is necessary, even if I am just over it. Because my car is still in the shop, and my loaner doesn't fit in the garage, the car is freezing when I get in, and I have to climb over the snowy lawn or an icy driveway first. I hope lots of melting occurs over the next few days.

I hope the humidity of the El Nino year persists, along with cooler temps in summer. we had no forest fires in state last year, which is always a minor miracle.

I am making plans about the yard & garden (yarden) and have ideas about what to plant. it feels too early to get out there, but I also know, suddenly it will be too late. I'm trying to keep an eye on things and hit things before it's too late. I brought in all my herbs in thr fall, and they are all thriving in the living room (except for the parsley). I'll put those back out, and plant zucchini again, and plant the pumpkin in the rose bed. Not sure what to do with the back bed--it doesn't get as much sun as I thought, but still gets plenty, so I'm contemplating what should go there: pole beans? bush beans? peas? I'm definitely growing more pot, which was one of the few things I grew well. I love this time of the year, when it's still winter but we're making plans about for the spring and summer. Soon, seed catalogs are going to start turning up at the house.

The day planner pic this week is enormous saguaro cactuses against an intensely blue sky. I'm feeling a harder line of focus, and I'm trying to stay focused on what I have to do, and not get distracted.


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