Nov. 29th, 2015 03:51 pm
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i have made Gratitude a practice all month, and it has been very instructive and felt pretty lovely. it was present and helped carry me thru some rough moments.

i pushed on wed to have everything on board so i would not need to leave the house on thur, fri and sunday. and it came true (i had to run out for a moment this afternoon, but it was quick).

i worked thru Havi's materials, often with Cherise, and it was super fun. i find i cant proocess all that happened--i've been journalling it out longhand, and wow synchronous treasure everywhere.

it's been so cold. it snowed a bit on thursday and yesterday, and today, not more than a dusting, but it's cold and gloomy, prfect for staying home. SO many thanks to past me who made sure this time was as protected as possible.

i got a facial recently. omg i got a nice facial. my esthetician had a sale, and i jumoped on it, i had wanted to make this an every-6-weeks thing, and it's been 5 months. so there you go. she also had a sale on products and i bought my fave cleanser and moisturizer. the facial--omg, hot towels soaked in lemon, then rosemary, then menthol, scrubby parts and hot parts and cool parts, and omg i glowed when i left. then i got a lil hummus plate over at my new fave mediterranean place, and i felt so cared for.

finally, after lots of systematic unplugging and descending, we hit the deep level well-tending i deeply need. and all it took was 5 days off, expensive food and luxurious bodywork. So that's great intel, and a good template for More Please.

Aaron's stomach flu yesterday cleared up, but overnite the kidney stones started up. there is no end with this guy's manifold dysfunctions. this means that around 2am, after i had about 3 hours of sleep, he woke up in severe distress. i did my best to help, and finally at 4am, he was comfy-ish on the couch, and i got about 3.5 before waking up. he slept on til 11ish, and has been tender all day.

i am still in Rally (being online is technically NOT Rally-approved, but i feel like chekcing) and it's been a lot of fun. the cold weather and being 'snowed in' have been perfect. lots of magick here this weekend. it's required that i consciously disconnect from chores, but i have also been pretty fluid about doing some maintenance tasks. seriouslym this whole thing has been very instructive.

one thing i have discovered is, the full moon's qualities of revelry, i lived them, rather than doing the ritual. More and more i'm finding the lunar work is what happens on the moon itself, not necessarily what happens in ritual. this full moon was a dead show, a feast, and a three day art/Shiva NAta retreat. lots to love. and it's all been so low key and doable. very happy about this.


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